Doctoral School of Information and Communication Technology

University of Tartu ASTRA project PER ASPERA Doctoral School of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT Doctoral School) short-term mobility grants

Application requirements:

• Only study and research related trips are supported.
• Conference participation is supported and conference publication is a prerequisite for applying.
• Summer/winter school participation is supported and talk/presentation at the school is a prerequisite for applying.
• Short-term (up to 30 calendar days) research visits are supported. Maximum support amount of 2000€/visit.
• Participating in conferences that result with the publication of higher ranking article will be preferred.
• The required self-funding is at least 5% of expenses that remain up to 1200€ and 50% of the expenses that exceed 1201€.
• No more than two trips per applicant will be supported per calendar year (out of which only one can be research visit).
In case of a talk, paper or poster presentation acknowledging ICT doctoral school support is required. Please turn to Reili to get information of acknowledging requirements.

Required application documents:

• Application form (below).
• Confirmation of a talk or presentation (paper/poster) at the conference needs to be submitted along with application.
• For the participation in summer or winter schools a confirmation of the welcoming institution on the acceptance of the talk/presentation needs to be submitted along with application.
• For research visit a supervisors recommendation, research visit plan and invitation/acceptance letter from receiving party needs to be submitted.

Eligible expenses:

• travel costs (incl. trips to the airport, hotel, university/conference place etc)
• conference/summer school/winter school participation fees
• accommodation
• travel insurance

In order to get expenses reimbursed please keep your boarding passes and originals of cost documents (invoices, receipts, tickets etc).

Please bring the completed and signed application form (signed by an applicant and the holder of the financial account for self-financing) and all the required confirmation documents to Reili Liiver (Narva mnt 18-3124,

In case of digital signing, please send all the required documents in one digidoc container.

Download the application form.

All submitted applications for Dora Pluss short-term mobility that were declined, will automatically be also considered for ICT doctoral school mobility funding.

Funding decisions will be made by the Board of ICT Doctoral School within 14 days after the application deadline.